Human resources

The company’s employees are responsible for its success. We therefore constantly invest in developing the potential of our employees as our most valuable resource, helping them achieve even better business results by fulfilling their personal ambitions. By investing in their knowledge, skills, expertise and motivation, we are investing in the future. As a company in which employee satisfaction is woven into our system of corporate values, today Sojaprotein has expert personnel with unrivalled experience.

What to expect when working in Victoria Group:

  • Competent staff
  • Clear procedures regarding job vacancies
  • Defined expectations of the company towards employees and vice versa
  • Competitive salaries and benefit policies
  • Transparent rewarding systems
  • Quality in every segment of the business
  • Diversity of companies in the Group, creating opportunities for professional advancement
  • Nurturing of the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Educational programs for career development
  • Respect for diversity and individuality of the employees
  • Creative and dynamic work environment
  • Equal opportunities for all employees