General information

Victoriaoil DOO Šid

Legal form: Limited liability company

Address: Branka Erića br. 2, 22240 Šid, Srbija

Phone: +381 22 712 822, +381 22 712 802

Fax: +381 22 712 842



Established: 06.12.1980.

VAT number: 101546948

Company ID number: 08140391

Current account:
Eurobank: 250-1450000465030-89
Banca Intesa: 160-302750-37
Aik: 105-11127-16
Komercijalna banka: 205-101181-58
UniCredit: 170-30006266000-76
Otp: 275-0010220578234-66
Erste: 340-11005150-79
Credit Agricole: 330-20000739-35


Company management

Company director: Siniša Košutic
Sales sector director: Sima Vukovic
Production and technical sector director: Dragan Trzin
Supply chain sector director: Vladimir Sremac
Grain supply sector director: Vladimir Popovic
Finance sector director: Vesna Stojakovic
Legal department manager: Spasa Krmek
Product development and quality control director: Zorica Stojanovic
Director of Controlling and IT Sector: Igor Brankovic
Integrated Management System Manager: Jelena Cosic