ISKON is high-quality, pure, 100% natural sunflower refined edible oil used for cooking, frying and roasting, as well as for salads and mayonnaise. Iskon oil is rich in vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The natural properties of sunflower are preserved in the oils, thanks to the physical refinement process applied during production. Optimal values of the nutritional ingredients have ensured that Iskon is known as high quality oil on the domestic market and in export countries, affirmed by the numerous awards and recognitions it has received.

Basic properties of Iskon oil:

  • High vitamin E content - antioxidative effect
  • Favourable fatty acid composition – linoleic essential fatty acid and oleic fatty acid (C18:1) as the dominant ones, which indicates the high nutritional value of Iskon
  • No harmful trans fatty acids
  • No stability additives - naturally preserved antioxidants provide stability
  • Packaging that provides a protected atmosphere additionally ensures the durability of the oil


The cooking oil is an ingredient used every day in households, therefore its highest quality is very important. ISKON sunflower edible oil is produced in a technologically most advanced factory for processing oilseeds in the Balkans.