Associations memberships

Victoria Group is member of the following associations:

  • United Nations' Global Compact relies on public responsibility, transparency and the enlightened interests of companies, unions and civil society to initiate and mutually exchange examples of good practice and experience in promotion of 10 universal principles of CSR business practice – to protect human and employee rights, for environmental protection and to fight against corruption.
  • FIC (Foreign Investors Council) is an independent business association gathering around 130 foreign investors that are present in Serbia with common goal to promote business development in the country.
  • American Chamber of Commerce - AmCham gathers over 150 multinational and domestic companies focused on key issues for improving the business environment, sharing knowledge and the promotion of best business practices.
  • Responsible Business Forum is the first coalition of CSR companies in Serbia, established with a mission to stimulate development of CSR operations and to establish permanent and stable CSR practices in the domestic business sector
  • Danube Soya Association - an independent international association which promotes non-GMO soybean in the Danube Region countries
  • German Business Association gathers private companies active in bilateral business relations between Germany and Serbia.
  • UNICEF Friends’ Club - program that gathers donors on a regular, monthly basis, helping thus to establish children's rights as permanent ethical principal and standard behavior towards children. The main goal of UNICEF Friends Club is to enable long-term planning and implementation of programs for child development and raise awareness that children are concern of every individual, every company and the entire society.